I am currently teaching an online UEN course on Professional Learning Networks and several of the students in the class mentioned some podcasts for the audience of teachers. I compiled the ones they mentioned and thought it would be fun to send out to all of you. Here's the list. Let me know if you have some other favorites and I'd love to add them. 

Podcasting can be a great tool in the classroom as well. There are great podcasts for content learning that students could listen to (always preview and be sure you know what you're assigning, you don't want any surprises), here's an article with a list to get you started. There are a lot of free audio recording apps/platforms available. Here's some options: 

Online Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder Pro (ipad app)
Adobe Spark - Video
Garage Band (ipad)

These are ones we've used and know should be great for student use. There are many available, but test any out first. Some have age restrictions, sign-in's or communities that may be unsafe/unfit for students. 

Students can upload the recording to their Google Drive and link them to Classroom or their Google Site. Another option could be to use FlipGrid in a podcast/video-cast way. 

Here are some links to articles with some ideas of how to use podcasting in the classroom:

Reading Rockets
Read, Write, Think
We Are Teachers

Do you podcast in the classroom? What are your favorite reasons and methods?