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Have you heard of Freckle? Not the ones on your face, but the content, adaptive practice website for students. It was originally named Front Row Education, and changed the name last Spring to Freckle. They wanted to more accurately represent the idea that their program is for all students, not just those on the front row and felt that Freckle more accurately described the many different students that the program can support and help.

I started using Freckle several years ago when the site was newer. I needed something free and adaptable that would support my students in filling in some gaps they had in math understanding. My district had a program, but it was mostly grade level content. This was leaving my lower kiddos behind and was frustrating them rather than helping them. In my search for a free or very inexpensive program that would work with my limited access to technology at the time, I discovered Freckle. At that time, math was the only content offered, since then, content has been expanded to include Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

For a free program, I'm blown away with how much students can do. Basically, the entire site is available to teachers and students for free. The only with holding is on the teacher end with very limited access to reports and the ability to assign specific content and assessments to students. Since my purpose is to give students the opportunity to practice and learn concepts where they need it, not having the reports was ok with me. Freckle gives a pre-assessment to each student in each math strand and starts them where they are missing understanding. I LOVE this aspect and you never find such robust adaptability in a FREE program!!

You are sent a weekly email report that I found to suffice for my needs. You could also have students data track themselves and keep track of strands and levels passed off.

It's quick to create student accounts and super easy for students to log in by entering a class code with their first and last name. A brand new addition to sign in includes a QR option. Each student gets a personal QR code they can scan with any device with a camera, so it works perfectly with a tablet or Chromebook. Freckle makes it easy with pre-created, printable log in cards that include the information to log in with the class code and the QR code.

If you haven't given Freckle a try with your class, you totally should. Even if you use some other math applications, like those that accompany your math adoption. I found that using Freckle as a supplement for my students really helped them. Students who struggle were successful and learned content they needed to fill in gaps. Students who excel were able to work through content quickly and learn ahead on their own. I simply added it to our Guided Math rotation in the tech stop.

Check out Freckle here and reach out if you have any questions about using it in your classroom!

What other math practice applications and sites do you use with your students?

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