Looking for a simple and inexpensive way to get your students coding with robots? Here's an answer for you, the Ozobot. These little robots are indeed little and read color code to program their path. The color patterns can be simple or complicated and can tell the bot to do anything from forward following the path to turns and redirection. They are great for all ages. My fifth grade students loved experimenting and even your little friends can code these robots. My 6 year old son was able to code it as we played with them at home.

The simple color reading bot has an entry point of around $35-$60. Although both models can be connect via app , the The Evo model can be updated and blue tooth connected. It also has more light options and a speaker. This model is usually priced around $99. I grabbed 2 of them when they went on sale during Cyber Monday for just $59.

There are all kinds of accessories you can get. Pre-made color stickers, or skins and punch-outs to dress them up. You can get them in superhero colors/themes and special editions. However, the basic models works just fine for your classroom.

I highly recommend a case like this for storing and organizing your bot and accessories. The small container they come in is difficult to work with and it's easy to loose the cords and instructions.

If you would like a class set, you can get 12 Ozobots with charging hubs, markers, lesson plans and activity books in a great classroom pack for just under $1,200. This would be a great grant writing opportunity.

The Ozobot website has a LOT of lessons and resources for educators. It's a great starting point as you get started with your students.

There are many free resources and ideas also at TpT. Here's a link to a search in TpT for free Ozobot resources. 

What fun do you and your students have with Ozobot?

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