My Why

See that smile? I see that every day, and it's a pretty easy catch.

Like many teachers, I became a teacher because of some influential teachers I had along the way, mostly through the elementary years.  I love to see the light and excitement in a student when they learn something new or get to the end of a struggle and come out on the other side better for it.

I worried that in the transition to the position of Digital Coach, I would lose that connection with students. I ran into a student from my class last year who had moved to one of my newly assigned schools during the first week of school this year. My heart sank that I no longer had that community to build with a class of students. However, last week, I walked into a third grade classroom and 4 students ran to me with excitement in their eyes and bombarded me with questions about what cool things we were going to do today.

Here's the kicker, all I did in their class the previous week was help them log into their new Chromebooks...that's it! Crazy right? No, not so crazy. What I had done for that class was open a world of possibility by showing them a window to the world, a Chromebook.

Later that week, students I passed in the hall called me by name and gave me high fives and fist bumps. I had spent just 30 minutes in their classes and wouldn't have recognized them in any other time or place, but they all knew who I was and I had left an impression in those 30 minutes.

That's the power I have now as a digital coach, giving teachers the keys they need to open that same world for their students. I now have the capacity to share that with the 4 schools I coach and the many other teachers I interact with through this new position.

I plan for this site to be a place to share my continual learning and growth in Educational Technology. You'll find my Aha's, tips, gadgets, etc. along with growing libraries of references and resources. I'm so excited to focus on my passion and share as I grow myself. 

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